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Soft Launch: This Week in AB Starts a Podcast #ableg #abpoli

Who launches a podcast on the Friday of a long weekend?  Me.

Where have I been?  Ill – so ill.  But I’m recovering finally and the show must go on!

This Week In AB will be producing daily podcasts starting next week.  We will talk about American politics, federal politics, Alberta politics, provincial politics and always with an Alberta, or Canadian (that’s foreshadowing) perspective.

This week saw two Albertans appointed as senators, attacks from the left and right on the right and left respectively and helped me come to the realization that the Alberta NDP should do something really bold… I’m late to the party (by a year, so I’m told) but I got there.  My strategist button should be arriving any day now.

Caution: Some people’s heads might explode so do take care if you’re listening while driving.

It’s not perfect but it’ll have to do because I have to go find out what Doug Ford and Jason Kenney have in store for us.  Live tweets will be available on @thisweekinAB on Twitter tonight. Happy Thanksgiving!


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