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Tantrum Time Out

The UCP has been vociferously advocating for the Alberta NDP (or, the Rachel Notley Party, as they’re now known in Alberta) to drop the writ as soon as possible.

Partly driven by the hubris of a self-ordained destiny/entitlement to lead, and partly driven by the knowledge that the more rope they have, the more likely they are to trip up or hang themselves, the level of petulance has reached a fever pitch that is likely to only get louder the longer it drags out.

What do you do with a tantrum-throwing child? Put them on time out of course.


If I were Rachel Notley, leader of the Rachel Notley Party (RNP), or her most trusted adviser, that’s the pitch I’d be making.

What does that look like practically?

Currently, we have fixed date election legislation that states the election must be held between March 1stand May 31stof this year. But we all know that in a majority government Westminster system, the legislation isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on if the government has other ideas. Just ask the late great Jim Prentice.

If current polling is to be believed, the RNP is set to lose in a landslide to the UCP. Granted, the only poll that matters is on election day, but even non-Mainstreet polling firms support this assertion.

If I were the Premier, Bill 1 in my Spring 2019 Legislative sitting would be the “Tantrum Time Out Bill” – that would effectively remove the fixed election date legislation and restore the prior required date of Spring 2020.

With nothing to lose, and the added advantage of a front-row seat of UCP heads exploding, the RNP would buy enough time that perhaps the Trudeau Liberals could mishap their way into approving a pipeline and Joe Ceci might just figure out how to balance a budget.

Both of those are unlikely to happen, but one thing is sure. The best way to deal with someone throwing a tantrum is to put them on time out.

Another year should do.

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