Alberta Votes 2019 Day 2 #ableg #abvote #abpoli

A Daily Summary of Alberta Campaigns, alphabetically. Additional links within.

27 days until Election Day

The NDP and UCP began day 2 in southern Alberta, kicking off the provincial election in Lethbridge. The Alberta Party was in Edmonton where they released the first part of their campaign platform, childcare and creation of an Early Childhood Ministry, and the Alberta Liberal Party in Calgary with their first platform announcement, education.

The Alberta Green Party announced they support a “universal guaranteed income“, a topic that has received greater consideration as the wealth gap continues to widen substantially in first world countries. 

The Freedom Conservative Party announced they would have around 30 candidates to offer voters a choice

And the Alberta Advantage Party has two new candidates who didn’t have the best of luck in their first choice party, Sandra Kim from the UCP and Yash Sharma who originally intended to run for the Alberta Party. 

Rachel Notley attended the CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) Alberta-Regional convention, and Jason Kenney stopped in at Lethbridge Iron Works

And if you happen to be unsure of what Party best represents things that are important to you, Vote Compass is back!! Parties put together their responses to the questions and once voters input their opinion on each of 30 policy proposals, Vote Compass does the hard stuff. Love to know how that’s working out for everyone!

The Alberta Party, Freedom Conservatives, NDP, and UCP will be holding rallies in Calgary tonight

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