Well, Fuck. #ableg #abpoli #abvote

You won’t be happy with me but that was a resounding victory; much like 2015. Albertans voted for homophobia, racism, anti-immigration and, also, yesterday’s economy for our children who shouldn’t hope for a future that is in any way different than what our parents had.

Alberta overwhelmingly said they will not, under any circumstances, join the present, let alone the future.  

We, unofficially, have just two-parties representing us as our government which, I expect, will be as polarizing in the legislature as they were in the past 28 days.

But this is what the people voted for and I, for one, will not suggest that Kenney should not be held responsible for earning that vote.

The UCP has some big promises to fulfill and no matter what his promises were, what matters most is what Albertans expect. 

Number 1.

Albertans expect six figure salaries. A lot of people are hurting and although there were jobs available, they either demanded too much education or didn’t pay enough. You need to produce jobs we want.

Number 2.

Albertans expect high spending and low taxes because that’s what our parents received and we are equally entitled to the same by virtue of being Albertan. Delivery time is 30 minutes or less.

Number 3.

Albertans expect that you will repeal everything the NDP did. That alone should reignite the economy and if it doesn’t, you will have to figure out how to spin that to our immediate satisfaction.

Number 4.

Albertans expect you to fill downtown Calgary with head offices that are looking for previous oilfield executives. We don’t want to change and you need to meet us where we are.

Number 5.

Albertans will give you however much time you need to complete this; you are conservative and might need more than one term to “fix” Alberta after one term of an NDP government. While desperate for things to stay the same, we also want to bring back the past because that was better than the prospective future that the rest of the world has had to accept.

Now that you know what is expected of you, here’s a little something else you can look forward to:

The NDP will hold your feet to the fire; so keep your liberal conservatives happy. 

The Alberta Party will be there to challenge you every day; so keep your moderate conservatives happy.

The Freedom Conservative Party isn’t going to tiptoe around your ridings next time; so keep your right flank happy. 

And we will be there to fight for every by-election that the RCMP investigations eventually trigger. 


Everyone who voted for something better than you.

This post is entirely an opinion. 

Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean

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