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Premier Jason Kenney Wraps up Marathon Gay Bashing Session By Attending Straight Pride Parade

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney capped off an over 40-hour gay bashing session that saw the passage of Bill 8 to out gay kids by jetting off to Calgary to take part in his first Straight Pride festivities as Premier with Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. 

“Moo moo, buckaroos,” said the Premier in a statement, pictured below with Scheer and another member of their Village People tribute/cosplay group.

We caught up with the Premier who was checking out the bears in the hunting and wildlife booth.

When asked what he was looking most forward to in the week-long celebration Kenney said he was hoping to check out the barebacking competition, with a sly wink to those in the know, as well as playing some real-life cowboys and Indians in the new Elbow River Camp. 

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