Area Man unoffended by post from area Woman

EDMONTON – A local man took to social media Monday to exclaim his inability to be offended by people who disagree with his views and ponder his lack of response to same.

Man also took extra pains to inquire about the number of protesters who, a woman said, were advocating for their right to decide what other women should have the ability to make decisions about, noting she had found this upsetting.

The man claimed he had never been upset personally about people advocating to take away his rights, though could not think of a time such a spectacle had ever graced his line of sight in his lifetime.

While taking the time to highlight his ability to stay above such personal matters that affect others, the man pointed to the logic of the situation at hand while ignoring a brewing prevalence in current representatives of the woman’s provincial government to speak openly about their personal pro-choice beliefs as it also doesn’t affect him personally.

Alberta’s unwaveringly anti-choice Premier is but one of a caucus of 52 MLAs (26 of whom are also Cabinet appointees) but with the help of pro-life groups in the province, managed to elect at least 13 outspoken others – a quarter of whom were also appointed to cabinet – which is also not worrisome to men and women who are unconcerned with this affecting them in any way, due to their privileged positions, lack of uteruses, and/or risk of being forcibly required to pleasure men who refuse to protect women against unwanted pregnancies.

The man, who was not personally offended by the advocacy, was determined to ensure as many people as possible were made aware that he was not offended by a difference of opinion, which was proved by quoting the post of the person who was offended, to show just how inoffensive he finds a few people advocating against her rights, and how much he didn’t care about people publicly advocating something he disagreed with, by quoting the tweet to let people know how unoffended he was by the whole thing.

The woman has yet to publicly apologize for her difference of opinion that did not offend the man, as he so explicitly stated.

It feels wrong calling this satire, she thought.

Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean is a political commentator physically distancing in Southern Alberta. Connect: @Mitchell_AB for more, @thisweekinAB for posts

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