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Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean

Have We Forgotten?

Social media was abuzz after an Alberta MLA quoted a quote from a Global News article. The MLA in question, Mr. Grant Hunter, deleted the tweet within an hour and re-posted the article without comment. The article, written by Bob Layton, quoted Werner Von Braun, a scientist largely […]

No Offense, Ladies, But…

Five qualified women are going to moderate the English federal Leader’s Debate in October. Yes, there are five, yes, they are qualified and yes, they are women. So, of course, some people feel the need to dissect that. One person was Rex Murphy. His opinion piece seeks to […]

Why I Support SOGI 123

While I was researching some background information for an interview coming up this week, I happened upon this letter to the editor. It was written to the Vernon Morning Star in B.C. last year. I read it and I couldn’t stop myself from responding. First of all, I […]