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Pride and Prejudice; Alberta Edition

After a protest held up the 2018 Edmonton Pride Parade for a half hour last weekend, the Edmonton Pride Festival Society released a statement announcing it would not invite members of the Edmonton Police Service and Canadian Military to march in next year’s parade “until the community feels that they have taken […]

Derek Fildebrandt, The Independent

Only four months ago, partisans from all parties were hoping Derek Fildebrandt would just fade away.  Many wrote off his ability to reclaim his former glory after diving headfirst into what appeared to be the largest pile of self-manufactured manure in Alberta politics.  Fildebrandt, however, seems born for […]

A Pipe Dream Come True, Politically Speaking

When Trudeau announced the federal government would be purchasing Trans Mountain, few were shocked.  After all, Notley had said the provincial government would consider investing after Kinder Morgan ceased non-essential spending back in April.  Conservatives are saying there is no reason to celebrate because private investment was chased […]