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CPC and the politics of choice

Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer hasn’t exactly been a beacon of “unity” since the October election although he says his caucus is behind him. Despite Scheer’s determination to pit his over-sized regional support against his underwhelming regional support in other parts of Canada, Alberta […]

Andrew Scheer Not Licensed to Sell

Canadians were rocked with yet another political scandal over the weekend when the Globe and Mail finally released a story they’d been sitting on for the better part of a month: Conservative Party of Canada Leader Andrew Scheer was never a licensed insurance broker.  Shockingly, many Canadians couldn’t […]

“Let Them Eat Pizza”

“The only thing better than a slice of pizza is my plan to help you get ahead. That’s what I’ll deliver – more money in your pockets.” Andrew Scheer, ignoring the world-wide Climate Strike As hundreds of thousands of Canadians, many of them under the age of 18, […]