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Calgary Pride has Rejected its Roots

The news came down earlier this week that Calgary Pride was not going to allow any political Party to march in the Parade this September. Due to some internal issues, Edmonton cancelled their Pride Parade this year. The resulting commentary suggests something is up in Alberta. Calgary’s first […]

A Made in Alberta mess brewing

The NDP government needs to make rapid and meaningful changes to their approach to oil curtailment and managing the oil price differential, or they run the risk of doing further damage to our energy sector. I was part of the Alberta Party team that first called for curtailment […]

Tantrum Time Out

The UCP has been vociferously advocating for the Alberta NDP (or, the Rachel Notley Party, as they’re now known in Alberta) to drop the writ as soon as possible. Partly driven by the hubris of a self-ordained destiny/entitlement to lead, and partly driven by the knowledge that the […]