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Politics of Party Affiliation

In the last week there has been a lot to talk about on the political front and very little of it provided optimism for Alberta.  In BC, MLA Christy Clark, who approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, lost her bid to form government and the NDP’s MLA John Horgan was named Premier designate on […]

Alberta Together: The Beginning

This week I was fortunate enough to attend not one but two meetings about unity.  First up was Derek Fildebrandt’s Unity Town Hall on Thursday which I tweeted live as best as I was able.  In a room of about 80 people, Derek’s speech fell flat on the crowd.  I’ve seen him a couple […]

Fight for the Centre

In the past week some Alberta Liberal Party members were able to vote for their choice of Liberal Party leader.  I say “some” because there were a number of disqualified voters. In the end, 77% of registered party members (Almost 1700) voted.  It was probably a tough choice. […]

UCP: A Golden Opportunity

The backroom deal-making that wasn’t supposed to happen with a Wildrose PC merger seems to be exactly what was needed to bring the parties into agreement.  Kenney had been persona non grata after the Gay-Straight Alliance media backlash in March but resurfaced in BC stumping for the Liberal party in April. […]

Wildrose: Whose Side are they Really On?

On March 29, 2017, someone from Whitecap Resources in Calgary provided a letter they’d received from Brad Wall to the Canadian Press.  That letter was an advertisement of what benefits would be awaiting Whitecap Resources should they decide to pack up their Calgary operations and relocate to Saskatchewan.  While some […]

Sewer Rats. Really.

Monday’s Question Period in the Legislature yielded a surprising statement from the Deputy Premier, Sarah Hoffman, that sparked an immediate backlash and gave rise to a number of interpretations from across the political spectrum.  I had some initial misgivings about searching both “youtube” and “sewer rats” but I […]