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Premier’s Approval Rating Drops

Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean Kenney’s approval rating went from top three to bottom three in less than a year. The Edmonton Journal commissioned a poll of Premier approval ratings and the results show Alberta’s Premier has moved from among the top three earlier this year to leading the bottom three […]

CPC and the politics of choice

Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer hasn’t exactly been a beacon of “unity” since the October election although he says his caucus is behind him. Despite Scheer’s determination to pit his over-sized regional support against his underwhelming regional support in other parts of Canada, Alberta […]

Bill 207 and another existential crisis

As many have pointed out over the past week since the United Conservative Party introduced Bill 207, the Bill to strengthen conscience rights for healthcare professionals, these “rights” already exist within the oversight organizations that govern the profession. As it should.  We should not, as a society, refuse […]

That’s All, Coach

My parents watched hockey, faithfully. From the basement, I could keep score by the groans/stomping/squealing/screaming upstairs. My grandmother thought Cherry was an ass. I didn’t pay much attention.  I did, however, realize that it was an important part of my family’s tradition, so to speak. So, on that […]