Alberta Votes 2019 Day 3 #ableg #abpoli #abvote

Thursday, March 21, 2019


The Alberta Independence Party is officially in the race with 47 candidates as of Wednesday. The AIP stands for, you guessed it, separation.


Alberta Liberal Party announced its education platform would decrease class sizes and provide funding for additional teaching aides. 

The Alberta Party expanded on their Children First Plan including funding additional educational assistants in classrooms. 

Freedom Conservatives vowed to fight for “More Alberta, Less Ottawa”. It’s catchy and it’s getting good reviews. 

NDP said they will invest in another 2,000 long term care beds. Two thirds of the 2,000 beds in their 2015 campaign promise were complete as of October of 2018.

UCP says it will hold a referendum on equalization payments and oppose Bill C- 69. Please note that equalization is a federal program funded by federal tax dollars from all provinces. 

Scandalous Additions:

The NDs created a short documentary that is both disturbing and unquestionably sad. The responses ranged from “I cried” to “no one cares”. To be logically consistent, I’m sure they meant “few people care”. 

While Jason Kenney may be the focus of everything UCP bad, his candidates aren’t helping. The candidate to replace Caylan Ford apparently delivered a sermon in which he said “women should submit to their husbands“; that should play well with the Liberal Swann-ite voter base Liberal David Swann has represented for 15 consecutive years. 

Jason Kenney’s official office account announced the launch of a new website that purports to fact check what other websites say about him. 

Speaking of fact checking, Global News is also running a daily segment called Election Alberta Fact Check which would likely be worth keeping an eye on. 

Joanne Gui, Alberta Party candidate for Calgary Edgemont had one of her large signs vandalized with incoherent ramblings and a racial slur. 

26 sleeps until Election Day…

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