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Thursday March 28, 2019


The United Conservative Party issued a statement that the RCMP was investigating potential voter fraud in the 2017 leadership race. When asked whether the investigation involved him personally, Jason Kenney impatiently replied; “you’d have to ask the RCMP.” I’m most certain they will do just that.

Meanwhile, Jeff Callaway’s name may be tied to the words “kamikaze campaign” for pages and pages of a Google search for years. Macleans posted another story today, this one detailing the plight of a hopeful political operative who was employed by Callaway, gave 70% of his first paycheque as a campaign donation, and is concerned about his role and what the future holds. Callaway still maintains he was completely in the dark about what was going on in his campaign, as does Jason Kenney

Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman asked yesterday if Mr. Kenney would swear, in writing, to Albertans that he had no involvement in alleged criminal activity during the leadership race. For me, it’s much too reminiscent of how the Conservative Party of Canada began to salivate over Jody Wilson-Raybould’s testimony. Just don’t. Find a way to capitalize on it without lowering yourselves.

Friday is the last day for filing candidacy papers. At last count (Wednesday night), here are the numbers:

2 – Communist Party, 11 – Alberta Advantage Party, 12 – Freedom Conservatives, 16 – Green Party, 19 – Independents, 28 – Liberals, 58 – Alberta Independence, 87 – Alberta NDP, Alberta Party, UCP


The Alberta Independence Party is fighting to leave Canada

Alberta Liberals offered a candied carrot to voters today saying a Liberal government would increase the personal tax exemption to $57, 250 (meaning that amount would be tax free) and implement a Provincial Sales Tax, otherwise known as a Political Suicide Tax. The Liberals are going about it the right way, though, as Albertans might accept a PST so long as they didn’t have to pay any other tax.  

Rachel Notley promised 1000 new teachers, schools and upgrades if her party forms government again. The NDP have also been listening on the ground level as they announced a “fully costed plan” would be available in the next few days. 

There is a theme beginning to emerge from the Alberta Party; they’re focused on Alberta’s future. Party leader Stephen Mandel has been offering policy on a daily basis since the writ was dropped and today’s was another eye-opener. With regard to infrastructure, Mandel is looking to the future of automated vehicles and says he would look to build a separate lane for them along the QE2. I certainly wouldn’t be the first to mention that one “big tent” Party seems preoccupied with resurrecting, or ‘reviving‘ if you will, the past, and Mandel is certainly allowing the Alberta Party’s “big tent” to stand out. 

Freedom Conservative Party leader Derek Fildebrandt offered a five point plan for Stronger Communities. Essentially, make municipalities autonomous and use a tax point deduction system to build our own federal infrastructure. 

UCP’s Jason Kenney also issued a statement on the Party website and made a Facebook video. His party plans to decrease wait times by inviting bids from private clinics to perform hip and knee surgeries. Global News is providing fact checks for controversial items and they agree wait times have gone up for knee and hip replacements but have also gone down for cancer care. 

Mostly fact. Way more fact than opinion.

19 sleeps until Election Day…

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