Maybe the Rest of Canada Could Use Some Ear Plugs Now Too, Premier

For the better part of two years Albertans have been holding rallies across the province in support of the Trans Mountain Expansion.

Two years of constant media coverage; two years of trying to rally support for their cause across the country.

Two years of Albertans braving sun, cold and a even a cross-country convoy to Ottawa yelling “Build that Pipe!!”

Trudeau hates Alberta“, we were told. “Alberta left out in the cold“, droned the columnists. “Let’s be blunt“, said another, “Calgarians are pissed off and they want something done. Something. Anything.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Trudeau held a news conference to announce the Trans Mountain Expansion had again received federal approval and the response was … shockingly unexpected. 

That “something”, “anything” Alberta wanted? It was met with “don’t expect any thanks“.

Apparently, the rallies, the convoy, the special interest stories, the constant badgering and complaining was just a way to pass the time. Something to make them feel useful for someone else’s cause. It was just for show.

The columnists lifted their middle fingers and showed the rest of the country what a pipeline really meant to them: nothing. 

The Premier’s Party sent out an email letting supporters (and nosy non-supporters) know that it wasn’t good enough. Two years of “fighting for Alberta”, only to get exactly what they asked for wasn’t good enough. 


Last night in the Alberta Legislature, the Premier of Alberta handed out ear plugs to his caucus so they wouldn’t have to listen to the Official Opposition debate UCP Bill 9. Perhaps he was feeling reminiscent.

During debate on the NDP’s Bill 9, the UCP caucus and its leader would quickly exit the legislature so they didn’t have to hear, or debate, the anti-harassment around abortion clinics, or “Bubble Zone” Bill. 

“Disgraceful” doesn’t quite cut it.

I’m disappointed that this is how the government chose to represent the people of this province. I’m disappointed our MSM columnists presented the narrative they have for the rest of Canada to hear.

After the lack of a sliver of gratitude from the government of this province and a mere sliver from those of us who were, apparently, bold enough to bother, my expectation is that the rest of country could use some of those ear plugs, Premier; if they haven’t already turned their backs on us. 

This is, apparently, what my Alberta has become.

Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean

contact: [email protected]

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