Postmedia’s Process or Judgment is Broken; Either Way It’s Not Good

On Saturday Postmedia papers in Vancouver were eating crow and backpedaling as an anti-immigrant, racist op-ed was published to their websites and print editions. 

The online backlash was swift and nearly unanimous. 

Postmedia reporters and curiously editors took to Twitter to exclaim their dismay that such a piece would be published, and the piece was removed from the Vancouver Sun website immediately, and after several hours from the website of The Province. 

An apology was issued, and an exceptional rebuttal piece written by my friend Robert Falconer who is a research associate at the Calgary School of Public Policy was printed yesterday. 

The explanations and mea culpa though leave one lingering question. 

How the hell does an op-ed that is so inflammatory get printed in the two largest newspapers in Canada’s third largest market? So far the managing editors, editor in chief, and executive editor all seem to be playing a game of “not it”.

Canadaland documented the direction to provide a more “reliable conservative voice” in Canadian media. If this is the Conservative voice they propose to offer, I’d argue that perhaps they need to evaluate their values and really reflect on how they can get control of their editorial processes. 

(Though it’s worth noting that Postmedia columnist Chris Selley is stating that the issue isn’t process so much as judgment.)

This kind of garbage is detrimental to our media landscape, and I’d frankly be embarrassed to be associated with the Postmedia management or editorial group until there’s some transparent accountability for this atrocious mistake.  

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This post contains a mostly opinion with a good dose of facts. 

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