Canadian Voters Reject Fear; if Polls can be Believed

In post-electoral reform Canada, the numbers are amazing. Andrew Coyne recently tweeted that, in 42 federal elections, the two main parties had never had less than 33% in the polls. For those keeping track, that’s the exact number of elections Canadians have voted in; ever. 

Even more amazing is that post failed-electoral-reform Canada looks poised to have its first proportional representation government under first-past-the-post


Because people aren’t giving into the fear that they must vote for something they don’t want in order to stave off something they really don’t want.

Perhaps the appetite for electoral reform was greater than any political Party understood. Or maybe B.C’s 2017 election that delivered a split vote between the Liberal Conservative Party and the B.C. NDP with a Green Party kingmaker of three seats showed the electorate that a few seats in government could have a huge impact. Or maybe the fear-mongering isn’t targeting the right fears. 

In any case, Canada looks well-prepared to get its first proportional representation government in a first-past-the-post election; and it is glorious.


Because the people are calling the shots!

This may come a little late on advance poll Thanksgiving weekend, but keep that shit up, Canada!

Your vote counts. Even if it doesn’t elect the person you wanted, don’t think for a second that every Party isn’t taking the vote-count into consideration. Every Party will be taking the data and making plans to appeal to the largest voting block next election.  

Baby Boomers have been the largest voting block for 40 years – but that is no longer the case. Millennials now hold that title, and with it, both the present and the future of our country is in their hands.

What voters seem to be saying is: “You don’t scare me”.

As a generation X’er who hoped the status quo would exist well past my parent’s generation, and was powerless to do anything when it became obvious that was not the case, I am on your side.

We are potentially witnessing history in the making and I, for one, could not be more excited about the possibility.

 There are special interest groups, special interest individuals, and money supporting political Parties and helping to draft their policy. But in the end, in an election, the people have their say as to whether or not they support the same ends. 

Don’t let fear decide your vote; giving your vote to a Party you don’t agree with to keep out a Party you agree with less only gives them a mandate to delay change… and that doesn’t help your cause. 

Vote. Vote for what you want. Tell every Party what you want for your future and hold them to account once they’re elected. They work for you, whether you voted for them, or not. 

This post is an opinion.

Deirdre Mitchell-MacLean

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