UCP shocked and dismayed union would use conservative tactics

Alberta’s squad of trained seals were busy barking all day Monday after the Alberta Federation of Labour exposed them to a taste of their own medicine.

The AFL took publicly available information and compiled it into one place where people looking to exercise their free will and free expression in the free market could send a message that they were unhappy with the government and those who supported it.

Apparently the UCP staffers have experienced an epidemic of amnesia though, as this is a tactic their bosses and surrogates have deployed with glee, including the Premier;

And Minister of Infrastructure and former interim PC Leader Ric McIver:

Even some of the staffers themselves were in on the boycott action, with the Chief of Staff for the Children’s Services Ministry supporting an Earl’s boycott.

As of the time of publishing, the UCP staffers were still completely dismayed that “leftists” could use a conservative tactic against them and were unsure as to what to do next.

The Premier and his strategists were unavailable for comment as they were busy devising methods to hide all donors the way his leadership campaign was able to.

Robbie Kreger-Smith is a consultant for restaurants, communications, and marketing with previous partisan political experience in Alberta.

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