Alberta Announces Plan to Send Doctors and PPE to Rest of Canada


Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has announced a generous plan to support other Canadian municipalities that are struggling with resources to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. 

On the heels of significant cuts to physician compensation and tearing up contracts with family physicians and radiologists, the Premier and Health Minister have announced that the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec will not only be receiving hundreds of well-educated medical practitioners, but they will also receive free personal protective equipment (PPE) for each practitioner that relocates to their jurisdictions. 

“We thought we wouldn’t have enough PPE to go around last week when we had our media availability, but since then the impact of these cuts is being felt by the medical community across Alberta, and now we are finding that we have too much PPE left to go around for those professionals who are keeping their practices in Alberta,” said an Alberta Health official in an emailed statement. 

“We will also be making sure that each package of PPE that goes to these jurisdictions has our corporate sponsor branding on it, as well as information on how to support Alberta’s request for a fair deal in Canada,” a spokesperson from the Premier’s office stated.

“We want Canadians coast to coast who are dying of Covid-19 complications to reflect on the petroleum products that were used in manufacturing their ventilators and would respectfully ask those who don’t support Alberta’s ethical energy to pull the plug,” said the Premier through a statement. 

This post is satire.

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