RKS: Shandro and Kenney should resign for their negligence


Jason Kenney and Tyler Shandro’s negligence in allowing proper functioning protective equipment to be shipped to other jurisdictions and be replaced with defective supply ought to be grounds for their resignations. 

In previous columns I wrote, I questioned the validity of the Premier’s claims that we had a surplus of supply, and motivations for sharing Alberta’s supply with other jurisdictions. 

Lo and behold, this weekend it has become clear that this was in fact a political play, and that due diligence had not been conducted to ensure we had adequate and functional supply. 

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan put together an excellent thread on this on Twitter. 

While I’m all for teamwork and supporting a pan-Canadian effort to fight Covid-19, to leave Alberta’s frontline workers vulnerable in an attempt to generate positive PR is nothing short of malpractice. 

This recklessness puts front line nurses, doctors, and other health care workers at risk of exposure. It is not alarmist to say that deaths may occur as a result. 

Anyone exhibiting this level of incompetence in the private sector would be fired. Since Kenney and Shandro love to compare the public sector to the private sector, they should follow suit and do the honorable thing and step aside. 

If not, Albertans would do well to remember and send them their walking papers in 2023. 

Robbie Kreger-Smith is a consultant for restaurants, communications, and marketing with previous partisan political experience in Alberta.

Connect: @RKSAlberta