Good Samaritans Don’t Advertise their Good Deeds


Yesterday I wrote how the Kenney government’s moves to supply the rest of Canada with PPE was less than benevolent.

Today fellow Alberta podcaster/blogger Dave Cournoyer discovered that the Alberta Government has been paying to advertise their supply in the jurisdictions receiving it, on Facebook.

Matt Wolf, the Premier’s Director of Issues Management quickly jumped to defend the crass action of the government, as he is overpaid to do. 

When government employees are being laid off, budgets are being cut, and resources are constrained, spending scarce resources to advertise a public health support to other jurisdictions in the hope of some returned good will is fiscally irresponsible and undignified. 

While Mr. Wolf may believe this action will generate allies, it is far more likely to wind up a public relations embarrassment that backfires and alienates those we need on our side.

This is nothing more than a cynical move to curry favour with energy infrastructure opponents in future negotiations. It’s opportunistic and slimy. 

Good Samaritans don’t pay to advertise their good deeds. 


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