Conservatives Announce 2019 Campaign Theme: “Nice Socks”

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was joined by campaign director Hamish Marshall in Ottawa today to announce their 2019 election campaign slogan.

“Following the failed 2015 dual campaign slogans of “Just Not Ready,” and “Nice Hair,” our market research and conservative partisan focus groups have led us to a winner,” said Marshall. 

“The 2019 Conservative Party slogan will be “Nice Socks,” chimed in Scheer, with his signature shit-eating dimples in full force, betraying how clever he truly believed this campaign theme to be.

Conservative Twitter went full in on the theme with numerous posts, including from former Cabinet Minister, the aptly named Erin O’Toole.

Reached for comment, Gerald Butts was gleeful that Trudeau’s real life troll job at the recent G7 Summit in France had completely derailed any possibility of the CPC talking about substantive policy for another federal election campaign. 

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